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Coppolaw è la sezione di Diritto Internazionale, specializzata nelle questioni di Diritto Inglese e nei rapporti fra Italia e Londra garantendo assistenza al Cliente in qualsiasi problematica legale che riguarda il diritto italiano e il diritto Inglese.

Fernanda Stefani, abilitata Solicitor in England and Wales, collabora come Consultant all'interno del Dipartimento.


Hai un problema legale di Diritto Inglese?

Hai rapporti contrattuali con Londra?

Ti hanno citato in giudizio in Inghilterra?

Vuoi fare un investimento a Londra?

Coppolaw è la risposta a tutte le queste domande.

Siamo esperti in Diritto Inglese e offriamo assistenza a 360° in tutte le questioni legali che ti vedono coinvolto.

Coppolaw ha nel suo interno Avvocati Inglesi abilitati in UK (Solicitor), con altissima competenza in tutte le questioni Civili e Commerciali.

Per info:

web: www.coppolaw.com

Italy: +39 334 3756736

London +44 7383828368

Skype: avv.giuseppecoppola

Coppolaw is a boutique international law firm based in Italy representing private and business clients, experts in Italian Law and English Law.

web: www.coppolaw.com

The team is formed by:

- avv.Giuseppe Coppola, founder and owner of the law firm;

- Fernanda Stefani, as Consultant Solicitor qualified in England and in Wales.

Coppolaw advices and assistances on the enforcement of foreign judgments in Italian courts and provides advice on  areas of Italian law and English law to its clients:


  • Property and Real Estate : assists clients throughout Italy  with all aspects of conveyance, covering property purchase,  sale, inheritance and transaction;
  • Litigation : assists clients in Italian's Court;
  • Corporate Law:  the part of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses.
  • Family and Succession: Coppola Studio Legale helps to resolve conflicts involving marriage, divorce, adoption, succession and inheritance.
  • Administrative Law: Coppola Studio Legale assists clients of all nationalities who are affected by acts of government that are considered to be unlawful in accordance with Italian law;
  • Business Italy - London.
  • Immigration
  • Translation
  • Mental Health

For a free consultation, contact Coppolaw on:

Italy: +39 334 3756736

London +44 7383828368

Skype: avv.giuseppecoppola

email: info@coppolastudiolegale.com


Via Marchese di Roccaforte 66, Palermo
Mobile: [+39] 334.37.56.736
Mail: info@coppolastudiolegale.com
web: www.coppolaw.com

London +44 7383828368
Skype: avv.giuseppecoppola

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